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AM/CAN CH Highpoint's Legend Of Bartland NRD
(Legend litter - Aussie x Ali)

CH Sanbar's Truly Legendary x GCH Bartland's HiPoint Over The Top
Owned by: Margaret Lehmann and Gary Clarke
Whelped January 16, 2014
Health Screening completed. Please contact Bartland Weimaraners for additional information on this lovely girl. 

Lacey is our show girl from our Aussie x Ali "Legend litter" who went to live with her co-breeder Margaret Lehmann. Living up to her name she has won FIVE Best Baby Puppy In Show's, at her first big-girl show she managed a 4 point Specialty Major at 6 months old followed by her 2nd Major 3 weeks later, she also has a Best In Sweeps win!  She finished her Championship in style going Best of Winners at the Weimaraner Association of Canada Nationals!  She finished her AKC CH with 3 majors, including 2 Specialty show major wins and Best In Sweeps  She's also a birdy girl who enjoys retrieving her birds to hand! You can see more about her at: www.BartlandWeimaraners.com

CH Highpoint's Living Legend

(Legend litter - Aussie x Ali)

CH Sanbar's Truly Legendary x GCH Bartlands HiPoint Over The Top "Ali"
Whelped: Jan 17, 2014

Owned by: Karen Soule and Gary Clarke

Grover received his final major to finish his Championship all owner handled by Gary and Karen! He's a big, masculine handsome boy that has a sweetness you could just eat! Loves to play ball, in fact the more tennis balls the better often packing around 2-3 in his mouth at a time! He loves to cuddle his big brother and little sister.


Img 2447
BIF CH Highpoint's All In CGC CA RATO 

(Gambling litter - Wager x Ali)

(CH Wager's Gambling Man Amermist x GCH Bartland's HiPoint Over The Top)
Owned by: Em Panico and Gary Clarke
Whelped: 12/24/2014'

Lives near San Francisco, CA with his mom Em Panico, who keeps her boy very busy with all sorts of fun activities! He won the 2016 Western Futurity "Best In Futurity Dog"!  He easily finished his bench Championship with 3 majors! He has been working on some Barnhunt and Nosework titles as well as starting Fly Ball. He's also looking for more training on birds and more runs on the Lure Course Summer 2018!  Great job Em, we are so proud of you both!

Img 7221 1

CH Highpoint's King Of Hearts High

(Gambling litter - Wager x Ali)

CH Wager's Gambling Man Amermist x GCH Bartlands HiPoint Over The Top
Whelped 12/24/2014
Owned by: Brandon & Megan Snow and Gary Clarke

King was the Black collar puppy from the Gambling litter, he was sent home to Tacoma to live with his family Megan and Brandon as a very loved pet.  During one of our puppy-meet-ups, we discovered how lovely he was, and graciously Megan and Brandon have allowed us to show him. In just two weekends out he's managed to stun the judges and exceed all of our expectations going Reserve Winners, his first day out followed by a Best of Winners the next! His second weekend out he won BEST OF BREED from the Open Dog class for a 5 point major over Nationally Ranked dogs and a Best Of Winners the following day! He finished his Championship breeder/owner handled at a supported entry during a Specialty weekend! King is now retired from competition and a full time pet with his fabulous family!


Wilson bow
Highpoint's Top Draft Pick
Whelped 4/27/2015
(Top litter - Logan x Story)

Owned and loved by: Valerie Brand and Lani Jones
Bred by: Lani Jones and Gary Clarke

Wilson was the little Orange boy in our Top Litter.  Beautiful balance and breed type, fantastic drive both toy and prey and a sweetness that just melts your heart, he's a wonderful package of gray fur!! He has a major from his first weekend out showing, owner handled by his mom. Now he needs just that last major to finish, in limited showing all owner handled by Val!

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CH Highpoint's Cherry On Top
Whelped 4/27/2015
(Top Litter - Logan x Story)

Owned: by Lani Jones and Gary Clarke
Loved by: Kris, Jessie, Noah, Elli and Max Johanson

Charlie was our Big Fat Blue Boy from our Logan x Story litter, and is growing into a sweet, handsome truly snuggly young man!  He loves his kids and can't think of anything he'd rather be doing than hanging out with them, preferably on their laps!  He also enjoy playing with his dog friends and running. He LOVES to run and is a bit of a handful and goofball. He had his first 2 weekends out as a show dog and managed 1 Reserve the first weekend as he got the hang of it.  The next weekend was a large Specialty show, where he won 2 FIVE POINT MAJORS and 1 Reserve to the 5 point major. He finished easily with a 3rd major in beautiful line up of dogs. He is now retired from competition and is a full time pet to his wonderful family!


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Highpoint's Shotgun Boogie to Barrett
Whelped: 5/4/2016

(Dance Litter - Logan x Story 2)
Owned and loved by: Kim Burnell

Tennessee is the GREEN girl from the Logan x Story litter, she was an early stand out when stacked and was one special girl who got a special home! Tenn-Tenn became a So Cal girl and moved to Barrett Weimaraners to live with Kim Burnell and live out her full potential!  She's a lovely girl with a quiet, easy going temperament and very sweet.  She has already been out on birds and in the show ring!  She is learning more about birds and enjoying it very much! And she has both her majors in the show ring and is on her way to her championship! We are looking forward to all that Tenn does with the Barrett gang!


Img 8623 1
Highpoint's Get Up And Dance
Whelped 5/4/2016
(Dance litter - Logan x Story 2)

Owned and loved by:  Westley & Vanessa Rakis Garabedien and Lani Jones

Graham lives in California with his family! He has 2 little girls to love and adore and his mom and dad he goes everywhere with! He was our Orange boy from our Dance litter, a stunning puppy with a very sweet disposition, very smart and a touch of mischievousness. He is outgoing and everyone is his instant best friend.  We have high hopes for him in the show ring as well as possibly some Therapy Dog work. We are excited to see what the future holds for him.

Img 4804
Highpoint's Dance To The Top
Whelped: 5/4/2016
(Dance Litter - Logan x Story 2)

Owned and loved by: Autumn Eyre and Lani Jones
Stella is the pink girl from the Dance litter.  She was, and continues to be, the best snuggler in history. She has a quiet, somewhat shy personality, but once she warms up to you... watch out! She is a very happy, sweet girl that enjoys harassing her 'brother' Hank (a Weim/Vizsla mix) and going to classes with her mom, Autumn, so she can prove to everyone just how smart she really is.  She has a desire to please and huge food drive. She had her first weekend in the show ring to many compliments from judges and other exhibitors all owner handled by Autumn! As she matures and figures out her job she should finish easily! 

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Highpoint's Silver Charm v Belleven
Whelped: 5/27/2016 

(Silver litter - Oscar x Ali) 

Owned and loved by: Ingrid Kafer

Vivian is the pink girl out of our Silver litter.  She was the last born in the litter of 9 and stole her mom's heart from Day 1.  Ingrid, who own's sire Oscar, took her pick of the litter, and that pick was the puppy who was born after she arrived to visit during the whelp! Vivian has been working on bird training and obedience and has already started her show career and won her first points! She's a very busy, silly girl who enjoys torturing her father, Oscar, and Uncle Satchel and eating things off the kitchen counters.  We are excited to see all the things Ingrid and Vivian accomplish as a team! Miss V now is singled out and now just needs just a major to finish! Majors have been hard to find locally, but we are sure this beautiful girl will finish soon! She also already has a leg towards her Junior Hunter! WAY TO GO LADIES!!!!

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Highpoint's Silver Image
Whelped: May 27, 2016
(Silver litter - Oscar x Ali) 

Owned and Loved by: Zoe Spranger and Gary Clarke

Darcy is the Yellow girl from the Silver litter! She was graded as a high energy, smart pup with a desire to please and a lot of drive.  Boy was that the case!  She's a live wire with a sense of humor and legs made of springs!  She and her mom Zoe are already in agility classes, and we think this is definitely her calling!  Zoe and Darcy are making a great team and we are looking forward to watching this young girl develop with her wonderful mom guiding the way! With several Reserves including one to a large major there are lots of exciting times ahead!


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Highpoint's Silver Spoon
Whelped: 5/27/2016

(Silver litter - Oscar x Ali) 

Owned and loved by: Megan & Brandon Snow and Gary Clarke

Lady is the RED girl from the Silver litter! She is a very happy, VERY outgoing girl!  She lives with her big brother King from the Gambling litter in Tacoma!  She is a lovely girl with a lovely profile and side gait, we are excited to get her into the show ring!  In the meantime she lives with her family and learning to be a good girl with the help of her wonderful family.  We are looking forward to her future!



AM/CAN CH Bartland's View From The Top
(Logan x Posie)

Whelped: April 26, 2009
Hips OFA: Good
Elbows OFA: Normal
CERF Normal

Dexter is a lovely boy with undeniable breed type.  He's a smaller boy (25") but makes up for it presence, attitude and his outstanding, true movement.   He finished his American CH with ALL majors, most of them at Specialty shows!  He's sired two beautiful litters and is available at stud to approved bitches.  Contact
Margaret Lehmann.


Kk3 1
CH Bartland's Highpoint On A Roll
(Logan x Posie)

Whelped: April 26, 2009

Kaylie finished with 3 majors and one under a breeder judge!  She's a lovely bitch with beautiful movement and a gorgeous head.  She has a very serious personality and crazy prey drive, always looking for the next thing to hunt, she's been known to climb fences to go after birds!  She is a true snuggle bug and will curl up in a lap, just where she belongs.  Click her photo for more information.

Scan pic0002
CH Anson's Sky's The Limit
(Logan x Sky)

Whelped: July 31, 2009
Hips OFA: Excellent
Elbows OFA: Normal

Leo finished his Championship easily and then went on to win Best Of Winners at the 2011 Canadian Nationals (WAC) he has a large side gait and is very balanced front and rear.  He's an excellent tracking dog with a wonderful biddable personality.  He lives to please his family.  Leo is available at Stud to approved bitches.  (click his photo for more information.)

Img 6694
Rockville's Top Of The Charts NSD NRD
(Logan x Aubrey)

Whelped: Dec 9, 2009

Audi is a wonder dog!  He never ceases to amaze his owners and those training with him as he has an endless supply of enthusiasm to learn knew things .... and then excel at them.  He's a bird dog and hunting machine!!  He knows a ton of tricks and is a wonderful ambassador for the breed.  Click on his photo for more information.

Monty nationals
GCH Rockville's Magic Man NSD
(Logan x Aubrey)
Hips OFA: Good
Elbows OFA: Normal

Whelped: Dec 9, 2009

Monty finished his championship with TWO 5 point majors, owner handled by Linda Conversa and we couldn't be more proud!!  He has two of his JH legs and will continue training in the field for upper level titles as well as competing in the show ring to finish his Grand Championship, he's already major pointed.  His first litter is on the ground and the pups show promise in both show and field!


GCh Bartlands HiPoint Over The Top
(Logan x Posie)

Whelped: June 17, 2009
Hips OFA: Excellent
Elbows OFA: Normal

Ali was my "Pick Puppy" from the repeat Logan x Posie breeding.  This girl has more than exceeded my expectations.  She's a lovely bitch with stunning breed type, true movement, a gorgeous head and a wonderful personality and temperament.  She's got a serious nose on her and hunts anything that moves, she loves to play ball, loves water and loves to show.  She finished her Championship easily with 3 majors and then went on to finish her Grand Championship quickly with all majors, and almost exclusively owner handled!  Click on her photo for more information.

AM/CAN CH Bartland's Nytro Silver Diablo
(Logan x Posie)

Whelped: June 17, 2009
Hips OFA: Good
Elbows OFA: Normal
CERF Normal

Nytro finished his Canadian Championship easily with multiple Best Puppy in Group and Best Puppy in Show wins!  He also finished his American Championship with 2 major wins during Specialty weekends handled by his Breeder!  He has a lovely side gait with lots of reach and drive.  He has great of bone, and is a nicely balanced, medium sized dog.  He has a super sweet personality and is a fun boy with a real silly streak!  He's available at Stud to approved bitches.  Contact Margaret Lehmann.