Occasionally we have an adult dog who is available for placement in excellent pet home. Sally will be available this Summer, she’s a finished Grand Champion with excellent bird ability. She’s very driven and loves to have a job, she thinks birds are awesome and is an excellent hunt test or personal hunting dog prospect. She would be best suited for an only dog household, she does fine with my pack, but would really love to have a human all to herself. She would probably not be cat safe due to her prey drive. She will be 3 in September! She has her own page, check it out for photos and get in touch if you think you may be a good match!

We may be having a litter planned for Fall 2022. Please stay tuned.

We are looking at a Fall 2022 litter for Whenney, Highpoint's Have A Look At Me. Details are in the works.

Are you sure you want a Weimaraner? Please take a look at our Weim Crime Gallery!

Thank you for your interest in our dogs! We look forward to our litters, but they are very occasional usually 1-2 a year at best. Some years we may not have any at all. Our goal in breeding dogs is to produce first and foremost, happy, healthy dogs that are placed in homes that cherish them as family members for their entire life. We breed to the Weimaraner Club of America Code of Ethics and look at health testing, temperaments, conformation and bird drive when selecting dogs.

Here are just a few of the things we do when breeding dogs:

1. Look at the health and temperament of not just the dogs we are breeding, but their family and pedigree to make the best choices possible.

2. We use the Military's Bio-Sensor or "Super Dog" program to help stimulate our puppies to make them more resilient to stress and easier to train as adults. You can see more info here:  http://thewholedog.org/nrbablog/bio-sensorearly-neurological-stimulation-new-puppies/

3. Tails are docked, dew claws are removed. No exceptions. We believe in upholding the Weimaraner breed standard set forth by the WCA.

4.  They come with a health guarantee and breeder support.  We will *ALWAYS* be there for you and your new friend.

5.  Extensive socialization to new experiences, sounds and people that starts at birth and continues until they go home (and should continue at home!)

6.  Temperament, drive and conformation testing.  We don't have "pick" of the litters (except in the sense of potential show puppies) .. so, when placing puppies we look at the whole package to place them in the proper home, not just the best fit for the puppy, but the best fit for the new home. We want you to be THRILLED with your puppy, but please trust us to know the right one for you.

7.  At least once a week updates with photos of the puppies as the grow, we try to go beyond that, but in addition to caring for a litter of puppies we have full time jobs and adult dogs. So we make a commitment to reach out at the very least once a week.

8.  Starting Week 4 you may visit us on our Open House day! Once a week we will open the house up for you to visit the litter if you want to see them growing up.  We know some folks are coming from further away and it's not possible. But, see #7 above, we'll stay in touch!

9.  We will start them on crate training, potty training and basic obedience.  Will they be fully trained at 8 weeks? NO!  But, it should help you a lot to have that consistency started early on.

10.  These puppies will not be magical, they will require work, training and consistency.  They will probably potty on the floor, and cry at night, but that's where their new family comes in and does the leg work to make these babies truly outstanding companions and help them reach their full potential!

A few things we expect from you:

We expect that the puppy will live with you for life, but we recognize that life is complicated.  Should you no longer be able to care for your pet, they *MUST* be returned to us.

WE DO NOT SHIP PUPPIES! You must plan to pick your puppy up in person.  We are happy to help if we can, and as the time arrives we can help iron out the details.

UPDATES!  If you have one of our puppies we expect regular check-in's.  We know that life is busy, but we also made a commitment to this puppy for their life.  We want to know what's going on, cheer you on for your successes, celebrate the good times and help during the bad.  Thick or thin, we are here for you.

If you think you may be interested in one of our puppies, please fill out our Puppy Application and check out our Upcoming Litter page. 
Thank you!