Nikki 12/4/2004 - 4/22/2022 We will miss you forever.

Nikki came home at about  10 weeks old... she  was 4 lbs of ADORABLE-NESS, and that certainly hasn't changed.  She now weighs in at 12 lbs of love and fury.

She is unbelievably loyal, full of energy (she can literally keep up with a horse for hours on end!), very smart and wants nothing more than a warm lap to curl up in and snuggle. 

She knows a ton of tricks and enjoys performing them for an audience.  She loves chicken-treats, her "timmy" (stuffy-squeak toy), play fetch, snuggling up after a long day and unzipping bags/purses to investigate it's contents.

We've participated in and she's excelled at obedience, rally and tricks classes but have decided not to compete.  Next is dancing with dogs, I think she'll really enjoy this one.  I would love to do agility with her and I have no doubt she'd be a star, but due to luxating patellas (her knees pop out of joint) we will not be pursuing that.  Which is one of the main reasons for getting her brother, Logan.

She's my model (she comes-a-runnin' when she hears my camera 'click'), my best buddy, a world class snuggler and my little girl.

Holy Terrier