CH Highpoint's Sure Bet
CH Wager's Gambling Man Amermist x GCH Bartlands HiPoint over The Top
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Whelped: 12/24/2014
Bred By: Robin & Gary Clarke, Lani Jones and Margaret Lehmann
Owned By: Robin & Gary Clarke and Lani Jones

OFA Hips: Good - OFA Elbows: Normal
NEWSFLASH: Mia is well on her way to her Grand Championship Breeder/Owner handled with Breed and BOS wins over ranked specials!
Mia is our Ali x Wager daughter from the Gambling litter.  She's a spunky, sweet, outgoing little monster who loves to snuggle!  We are very excited about her future as she matures.  She lives with her mom Ali and Robin, Gary and Leo in Puyallup. 
She's a lovely girl with lots of breed type! She's extremely prey driven and very birdy she loves the critters of all types and helps keep the yard clear.  She's retrieved a squirrel to hand where it was released without a scratch on it!
Mia has started her show career and has earned her first points, she also has a Reserve to a 5 pts major during a very large Specialty major, all owner handled! We are excited about this beautiful girl and her taking the show world by storm!